Friday, 23 November 2012

17th birthday circus party! :D

Okay, I'm uploading this a bit late...maybe a lot late! But better late than never, eh? MY 17th BIRTHDAY PARTY WAS AMAZING!!! Never been such a happy girl! I just wanted to upload some photos to show off what we did! :D We had an entire role call of circus folk including a clown, a doll(little old me!), an acrobat, an audience member(those too lazy to dress up -_-), a lion, a tiger, a lion tamer and last but definatly not least ...a beard lady! I love everyone for going to so much effort for the night! I hope you all like the photos and maybe find them inspiring!

Games we had:
•Ring Toss
•Pin the Nose on the Clown
•Clown Ball Toss
Photo Props:
•Strong Man Head Photo Thing(technical terms :P)
•Elephant Ears
•Jars of Sweets/Chocolate
•Animal Shaped Potatoes(Tescos special)
•(Too Much) CAKE! :D

Saturday, 29 September 2012

The circus is coming to town!

The circus party is on its way and I'm really excited! Woooooo! :D

All our clown needs is his little red nose and funky red bow tie! :D

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Brother's 20th Birthday Gift Box!

This is my first post from my phone so I'm really sorry if it looks a bit wrong! Anyway, today I'm going to show off a little gift box I gave to my brother for his 20th birthday which was about 2 weeks ago now :D
For the label of the box I used a combination of watercolours and distress inks to create the background of the label (I used just plain craft labels). I then stamped on the label with a car and a message from a Tim Holtz kit. I used a bit of glossy accent to accent the label(wow glossy ACCENT to ACCENT, I'm being so creative :P)
On the top of the box I have first painted it with blue acrylic paint then covered it with some Laura Ashley paper which I have distressed. I used some different Tim Holtz stamps and accented it again ;)
The sides of the box are just distressed and stamped with a docrafts Portabella Road 'Happy Birthday' stamp and more Tim Holtz stamps :)
The inside of the box is similar to the top but has clockwork stamped in both the 'plain' sides!
To fill this box for my brother I used different small objects which reminded me of our childhood and described each one in a small book! :D I also put a picture on the inside of the box lid to make it even more personal :)
I really enjoyed making this box and I think my brother liked it too ;)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Shaving Foam Art!

Well, my first day of sixth form is done! 
My 11 week holiday seems to have come to an abrupt end so did a little project to cheer me up! :D 

So today I'm showing off some shaving foam art! All you need is some inks or food colour(I used my 'adapted' easy painter found in my banner tutorial), shaving foam, paper and a wipe clean working surface! :)   

 So first just flatten out the shaving foam to make it fit your paper...
then mix in the inks randomly because this is what will create the pattern on your paper :)

 Then just plonk your paper into it!

 Excuse the colour change :P
Once you've 'plonked' it into the foam to create a pattern you just need to scrap away the shaving foam..I just a packaging label ;)

 And here's the finished pattern! The colours turn pastel because it mixes with the foam creating a nice effect :)

You can also make shapes into your pattern! I chose a heart :D

So there you go! 
Post soon  :)

Friday, 10 August 2012

Tenby Trip

Right, hello again! Today I'm going to write a post about a trip to Tenby I had about 3 weeks ago now! Tenby is a little tourist town in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.  I have been having holidays in Tenby since I was little but this year I took my camera, the pictures have inspired me to work on a scrapbook page! I'm kinda still working on that but I thought I would upload the pictures anyway :P

This view of Tenby shows the harbour and a few of the houses along the sea front.  You can also see an edge of the town wall which is an arch way to the back beach. I really love all the colourful houses in Temby.

This was on Tenby's front beach, i collected some shells for a project and also got the attention of this lovely seagull! :/ 

Will update with the scrapbook day! 

Monday, 16 July 2012

DIY Mario Banner

So I have just finished of my DIY Mario Party Post and know I'm going to do a little tutorial! So this is my 'Happy Mario Party' Banner!

I started this banner with some plain white A5 pieces of card and some easy painters, which are bottles of paint with a sponge on top usually used by young children :P

These are the painters but I have removed the sponge (you will understand why when you see the rest of the tutorial) These were from woolworths but that's been gone for a pretty long time now :P I also have a set from Asda! 

I have used the sponge-less paints to put this inky looking paint onto a bit of plastic-y cardboard packaging..the paint comes out like this because I have removed the sponge. I then place a bit of the card on top of the paint! 

When you lift the paper from the paint it gives you this effect: 
The pattern changes each time you do this which means you create a really interesting banner which can be used for many occasions!
The first time we did a banner like this me and my friend Megan did it in the bottom of her bath and used it for an Alice in Wonderland Party (which I will be doing a post for)!

I regret not doing a different font for the banner :/
Will blog again soon! ;) 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

DIY Mario Party

Oh my!  Its my second post! (I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually) As the title suggests, today, I will be blogging about a mario Party which me and a few friends had to celebrate the end of our GCSE exams and a friends 16th birthday! We had the party about 2 weeks ago now in my field. It was a blast of a day... absolutely amazing! It was a sort off camping party, we toasted marshmallows (and starburst for our veggie friend)! We also stayed in a tent, had a camp-fire and made things with home-made play dough (That's not typical camping activity)! Maybe a tutorial on that one day ;) Time for some pictures! 

These are Bowser's and Princess Peaches Castles made by my friend Megan! They are old packaging which created really good castles! She said the Princess' Castle was too pink and Barbie-ish but I think it looks pretty damn good :)
In this photo you can see the castle again, a Happy Mario Party banner (which I do have a tutorial for), the back of mine and Megans costumes(trust me they looked better from the front :P) and our King Boo (my friend Iona) 

I will finish this post after my Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition is finished :)
Well, Im back and I have recovered from the pain and the sunburn! The Gower was absolutely beautiful and the weather was great..for people who were not walking for 3 day -_- Ahhhhh well, back to the Mario party!

So, this is the King Boo costume close up! This was made by my friend...I believe she used an exercises gym ball for the shape! :)
This picture has the back of mine and Meg's costumers again! -_- but you can also see the 'Mario Hills' and a 'Piranha Plant' which I made ;) I have a little how-to on the 'Mario Hills' ! :D 

I hope you have an idea of our Mario to admit these picture are not really showing off much but I will be uploading more posts on this Party. I will also be doing a 1920s and an Alice in Wonderland DIY party posts soon! 
Looking forward to posting again soon! 

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Printed Fabric Flower

Hi there! Well, this is my first post on my blog! I thought it would be fitting that my first post included ribbon! But without any ribbon I used fabric strips instead :/ Running Around with Fabric Strips? Anyway,  here is my first project; Printed Fabric Flower!
So, to start this project you must take some fabric...

I have taken some cream, sheer fabric which I picked up from Dunelm for only 99p! I cut a strip which is about 1 inch thick, the size of your flower depends on the length of the strip. Try to make the strip thinner at one end and then thicker at the other, this creates a better flower shape. Don't worry about the sides being wavy or even it will add to the effect!

As it says in the title, this is going to be a printed flower. I am going to do this using a large background stamp (you can use any stamp you want!). I am using an adirondack ink pad which I knew would work on fabric, if you haven't got this brand try any ink pads to see if they will work! ;) 
I took the fabric to the ink rather than the other way to prevent waste.
I did this all the way along the strip!:)
Now start rolling! XD

Roll the thin end of the strip until it increases in width, then make a stitch in it! 

I added to my flower by making a fold in the fabric then stitching it to the centre of the flower. I did this all the way along the strip to make the flower! As you get further along the strip stitch the fold on to the centre further down... my last bit of fabric I stitch near the bottom!
Voila! We are done! :) I made three of these and used them to decorate my camera strap! XD
Thank you for reading my first post!